Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) – the oldest public two-year college in the Los Angeles Community College District – serves as the lead agency for SLATE-Z / South LA Promise Zone and houses the operations team. Serving more than 23,000 students each year, LATTC is a recognized leader in workforce education. The college has also successfully managed well over $45 million in state, federal, and private foundation grants since 2007 to develop, implement, and evaluate a number of evidence-based programs and innovations.

Since 2013, LATTC has been led by President Larry B. Frank. In his former role as a deputy mayor for the City of Los Angeles from 2005 to 2013, Frank oversaw community development, Public Works, the City’s entire workforce development programs, and the system of 98 neighborhood councils. President Frank’s strong sense of commitment to the community catapulted LATTC to significantly increased levels of visibility and leadership; he was approached by elected officials representing the community to lead SLATE-Z as the lead convener.

Larry Frank currently serves as the co-chair of the SLATE-Z Steering Committee