About Bladimir

Bladimir Aguirre is the AmeriCorps VISTA Leader and Education Work Group coordinator for the South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone. Previously, he supported Middlebury College as the Script Lab coordinator, where he gained first-hand experience of mentoring sessions between up-and-coming screenwriters and film industry professionals. His passion is politics; he enjoys learning how local government agencies shape social innovation in economically impacted areas. He is a graduate of Manual Arts High School and Middlebury College, and is determined to address economic disparities in the area by working to produce equitable outcomes in education and employment for South LA.

                He previously served as Burlington City Hall’s Youth Development liaison where he connected disadvantaged youth with mentor-ship programs and career-pathway initiatives. He helped design programs that engaged a large percentage of Vermont refugee resettlement communities. Outside of the office, he enjoys travelling to Lake Champlain, cycling Green Mountain State national parks during fall foliage, and touring economic activity hubs in South LA.