Public Safety Work Group

Reduce violent crime through effective prevention, intervention, reentry, and community engagement.

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Anne Tremblay | Director of Gang Reduction & Youth Development, Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti

Charisse Bremond-Weaver | President & CEO, Brotherhood Crusade 

Mark Wilson | Executive Director, Coalition for Responsible Community Development

slate-z public safety work group organizer:

Angel Perdomo | SLATE-Z Americorps VISTA


A. Galvanize residents in a policy advocacy campaign to address violent crime.

B. Expand youth development services to develop leadership & promote overall wellness.

C. Expand & strengthen gang intervention services & capacity.

D. Provide coordinated reentry services for youth & adults re-entering the community from incarceration.


SLATE-Z implemented the City of LA's Summer Night Lights (SNL) at three parks located in the Promise Zone. SNL is a public-private partnership led by the City's Gang Reduction Youth Development (GRYD) to keep recreation centers and parks open through extended hours in the summer as part of a comprehensive strategy to increase community resiliency to the influence of gangs and gang violence.